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In 1905, Einstein published an article entitled “Does a body’s inertia depend on its energy content?”, in which he included a formula that relates mass and energy, saying that both were the same thing.

That formula is the well-known E=mc2 ,which turned the world of physics upside down, and still confuses us due the fact that we are more of letters than of science.XD

We have reinvented that concept and made it ours. For us energy is the desire to work, to learn, to do new things and of course to have fun with our work.

That is why our small laboratory in San Sebastián de Los Reyes is where all of our ideas come together. Our little Silicon Valley where we believe that a small idea can turn into something very big.

This laboratory located at Calle Maria Curie 32 gives name to our small design and development company and thus creating our own formula E=mc32; or rather the Formula of Ideas.

Experts in the world of design and the digital environment

accomplished projects

years of experience


successful jobs

developers and designers in our team


Jesús Delgado

Front & Backend DeveloperProject Manager

Sandra Pascual

UX, Graphic & Web designerProject Manager

We have a great team of professionals who work around the world offering what they love to do for us and our clients because they’re the best in what they do! A team in constant growth and development, with great experience and professionalism.

Web programming experts



Programmers On IOS and Android

Offset and Digital printers

UX Experts


SEO & SEM Experts

Certificates In WordPress

Programmers in various languages

All kinds of CMS

Journalists and Writers

Community Managers

Content Managers

Big Data Experts

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