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We wish to adapt as much as possible to your project and that’s why we offer you a service of hours and advice according to what you really need. We will not charge you for an advanced programmer if your project does not require it.

That’s why we have the basic hours pack, for general management tasks, and also the advanced hours pack, for somewhat more complex programming tasks. If you have any questions, you can always ask us, and we will advise you which best fits your project.


When are the hour packs paid?

The contracted packs must be paid in advance. All prices are without VAT.

When do the hour packs expire?

The contracted packs never expire, you can use them whenever you need to do so.

Why are single hours counted by hours and packs by minutes?

We always recommend that you activate hour packs with us, first because it will be cheaper and second because you will have certain fringe benefits such as each task being counted by minutes.

Therefore, if you do not have an active hour pack and you ask us to carry out a 10-minute task, we will always count the work as 1 full hour and never as a fraction. 

If you have contracted a pack with us, the task would be counted in minutes, in the case of the previous example, only 10 minutes.

Which works can I order in the basic pack?

Hour packs for design work in Adobe package programs, html, css, WordPress programming, website changes etc. that you may sporadically need or for small tasks of maximum 1 hour each.

It doesn’t include custom programming of plugins, advanced or specialized programming, any type of license or third-party expenses.

Examples of per hour pack services:

  • Problems, improvements, or code changes: PHP, HTML, CSS or Javascript.
  • Manipulation of images, sizes, formats, etc. Photo retouching is excluded.
  • WordPress consulting: assistance, questions, and advice for your project.
  • Installation and configuration of plugins.
  • Optimization of CSS, JS files and images.
  • Add content type posts, change prices on products, change texts or images.

What jobs can I request in the advanced pack?

This pack combines both advanced and management tasks. In addition to the type of management tasks listed in the basic pack, you can ask us for small programming on your WordPress and/or Woocommerce requiring knowledge of PHP and/or jQuery.

Examples of work for advanced hour packs:

    • Small conditioning programming on PHP: Menus only for members
    • Custom fields for your WordPress entries or for the product sheets of your store
    • Structure data for search engines.
    • Import and export of content, preparation of content for mass import. 

No license fees or third-party fees are included.

Which services are not included in both packs?

Some examples of what is not included:

  • Redesigning the website.
  • Website design, logo, branding or editorial.
  • Development of complete custom plugins or themes.
  • SEO, SEM or marketing services.
  • Cost of services or premium plugins, not included in the pack.
  • Recurring external backups.

What does the advisory service consist of?

You can contact us with your questions by mail or phone, although it is always preferable in writing because we will assist you whenever possible.

“Can this be done?”, “How do I upload a product?”, “Is there a plugin to do X?”, etc. We will be there to help you in everything we can with your project within our customer service hours and according to our availability.

How are hours counted?

From the moment we start working on the problem, until it is solved, spent hours are controlled with a special project timer. These working hours include both those devoted to managing the task and those devoted to the solution or the requested service.

At the end of any hour pack, a file will be set up and delivered incorporating all the data corresponding to the work carried out within those hours: date, time invested in the task and work carried out. Openness and transparency above all.

At what time and how are requests for hour packs handled?

Requests will be attended to within a period of 24 hours from notification, either by phone, email or by our task management tool. The response and management of the task may take up to 72 hours. When attending your request, if it’s included in any hour pack, tasks will be planned and an approximate completion time will be provided, as well as notifying the difficulty level.    

Customer telephone service for this type of packs, if required, will be from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Phone calls exceeding 15 minutes will be added to the corresponding task time. Requests will be attended no later than 24 hours after receiving the call. Requests will be attended in strict first come, first served basis.

An extra time will be added to these tasks as task management, as well as a license for task management tools and/or telephone management.

What if I urgently need assistance?

We do not have an emergency service within the hour packs or single hours. Urgent arrangements and queries have different rates; contact us and we will inform you. No task included in the hour packs will be attended or solved on the same day of the notification.

Can I use my hours on different websites?

The hour packs include a maximum of 5 working hours per week per client; we don’t mind if it’s on one or two of your websites. If you need more, contact us and we will offer a customized rate.

What if I need more than 3 hours?

The packs are contracted in blocks of 3, therefore, if you think that you’re going to use more hours in a short period, you can contract as many packs as necessary to meet your foreseen needs. 

Remember: always multiples of 3! You can take packs of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15… hours


We also have a support service available with an exclusive programmer, a person who will be in charge of your projects and who will be available to you every day. This type of service is created for companies that require an active support service that is available as a technical service, both for one website or several. Being a 100% personalized service, we ask about all the options and rates.

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