Brand image for Ecological Foundation for CO2 mitigation

In this exciting project, our team had the opportunity to create a brand image from scratch for a foundation with a noble mission: to plant trees across the planet to mitigate CO2 emissions and curb climate change.

Understanding the importance of their work, we set out to design a logo that would synthesize the essence of the organization and project its commitment to the environment.

To achieve this, we focus on two main elements: green, as a representation of the environment and sustainability, and the image of a tree with strong roots, as a symbol of the strength and resistance of nature.

However, to give it a touch of modernity and distinction, we decided to incorporate the yellow color and play with the elements of the logo to create a solid image that could be adapted to any application, from corporate stationery to presentations and social networks.

However, the biggest challenge was the name of the foundation, which was too long and had too many elements. Despite this, our team worked hard to create a logo that was memorable and easily recognizable, and the end result was very well received by the client.

The logo was seamlessly integrated into all the applications we later developed, including corporate stationery, presentations, social networks and the website. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to work on this project and to be able to contribute, in some way, to the fight against climate change.

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