We are committed to fulfill the agreed delivery dates on working days, as long as the feedback from the project is fluid and has all the necessary material to comply with them. In the event of delays due to the non-delivery of materials or the lack of consensus of third parties on the ideas for the creation of the website or design, we are not responsible for possible delays in this matter. For multi-language websites, you should be the one to provide us with translations of the content. Likewise, it is your responsibility to have all the rights to use the material that you want to include in the project.

Changes that are not contemplated in the budget or in meetings prior to the final approval, will not be contemplated within it and will be charged separately. Changes are understood as those proposals that do not depend on failures on our part in the programming or design, but rather contributions or ideas that arise from the client in the middle of the creation process and that generate a delay of the same and / or an increase of the budgeted work.

There is a grace period for all projects of 30 days duration per project. If in 30 days we have not received communication with the client, nor materials, nor information about it, this will be considered closed, not being possible to refund 50% in advance, or claims of any kind.

Once the project is finished, you have two weeks to check that everything works well (links, buttons, final art forms …). If there is a problem in the code, or something is not working correctly, we promise to fix it without any cost. Any change after these two weeks is understood to be outside the project, and will therefore be budgeted separately.

In no case are we responsible for third party codes, plugins or hosting. There are projects that come into our hands with an incorrect code, poorly managed hosting servers, etc. In these cases, we always offer our commitment to the best resolution of these problems, but in no case are we responsible for them. We work with partners for hosting services such as 1and1, Webempresa, VHD or OVH. In no case are we responsible for their services, either in the% of uptime of the websites or in the loss of data from them due to poor partner management.

In no case are we responsible for the loss of SEO or fall in search engines in projects programmed by third parties and / or that require a major change in the web, domain and / or structure of it.




All projects will be paid with 50% in advance when accepting the budget (as a reservation for dates and expenses for the start of the project) and 50% at the end of the project before the website is uploaded to the client’s hosting server or before Final Arts deliveries. In no case will keys or final data or Final files of the Project be delivered if the payment is not made 100% of it.

In no case will the 50% advanced payment for the project be refundable.

The amount paid will not be refundable, either in part or in full, if the client abandons the project on his own account, or in his absence, delays the delivery of materials more than 1 month from the date of payment. In that case, it will be considered closed.

Both the monthly packs and the hour packs are charged in advance in full.

The services must be requested through the different contact forms, by phone, or the email info@emc32.com included on our website. All services are subject to office hours, it is understood, office hours unless otherwise agreed by both parties.




In no case do the services have remain period, unless otherwise indicated in the contracted pack, so you are not obliged to be with us if you are not happy with the services. In this case, and as long as you are up to date with payments, we promise to deliver all the passwords and / or files of the project. For our part, we could stop the services at any time in any of these cases:

  • The non-understanding of the parties to bring the project to fruition. There is nothing like working at ease on both sides.
  • The inability to carry out the project, or the client’s requests. Before or during the project.
  • Cases of abuse of the service of hours, abuse of trust, changes out of budget, poor communication, concealment of information, etc.



We reserve the right to change at any time and without the need for prior notice, modifications and updates to the information contained on the Web, its configuration and presentation, access conditions, contracting conditions, etc. Therefore, the CLIENT must access updated versions of the page.

You are solely responsible for the confidential and security material of your website once it is completed by us. In no case are we responsible for the loss of data or files. Likewise, you are solely responsible for keeping secure your administrative passwords for the web, hosting, files, final artwork, etc.

You agree to hold me and your partners harmless from claims, losses, expenses, damages, and costs (including direct, incidental, consequential, punitive, exemplary, and indirect damages), and reasonable attorney fees as a result of any default by your share of these conditions, whether or not considered material or immaterial; the improper use of the Services by you or any person acting on your behalf or by any material or immaterial violation of any right, title or interests of third parties.

In no case are we responsible for any breach of the contract that occurs on your part, negligence regarding the site, concealment of information prior to contracting, the service or any content, for any loss of benefits, loss of use, or the actual, special, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind derived from the misuse by you of the tools provided. In any case, we will not be liable for any consequence, damage or harm that may arise from the improper use of the services provided, including those carried out by linked third parties.

Our only responsibility will be to supply the service under the terms and conditions expressed in this contracting policy.

All these terms and conditions will be applicable to our provision of services.

All these terms and conditions must be read and accepted by the client when contracting any service with us. For this, and as an act of good faith, they will be indicated by word of mouth (by email or telephone), and / or will be summarized at the bottom of the invoices and / or budgets submitted.

Terms of Development in WordPress

Click here to see our conditions if you have requested a web development in WordPress.

Web Maintenance Conditions

Click here to see our conditions if you have requested a web maintenance in WordPress.

Hour Packs Conditions

Click here to see our conditions if you have requested a pack of hours.

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