Web Development in WordPress

Which system my website will be develop with?

It’s proposed the CMS (Content Manager System) WordPress, which is the most frequently used, providing security in the future updates and optimizations of the system.

This CMS offers a very good SEO optimization as a base that would be complemented by the work to be carried out later in the design of the web and which will enhance search engine rankings such as Google.

Do you use templates?

No, we develop custom themes according to the needs of each project, optimizing resources and avoiding unnecessary code offered by premium templates developed by third parties that are for sale, since these templates, being for a general public, have codes that will not always be used, causing the web to slow down unnecessarily, penalizing SEO.

The development of the custom theme will be created in a self-editable way by the client for the inclusion of content (texts, images, videos, etc.) and even design with a block system to include new elements, without depending on programming in most of the cases, making it easy to insert new content by the client or being able to change texts, etc.

We program the website as SEO-optimized, with a cache system and minified files to improve the performance of the website for users and search engines.

How the web design is made?

Before starting the programming, a previous design will be made, formatted in Photoshop or web prototyping programs made by us or provided by the client (as agreed in the budget).

It will be done according to the branding of the company, they must provide us the logo and the style manual if such manual exists, as well as the texts and content that they wish to incorporate (after the meeting the necessary materials will be determined).

From here the design of the home page will be made, it will be shown to the client in order to accept it or to make the necessary adjustments until the final O.K. is obtained.

Once the home page design has been approved, the rest of the pages included in the budget will be designed (in the case of extra pages being considered) and from there we proceed to program the custom theme.

In this way, the work is more effective, since we avoid developing iterations that slow down and make subsequent projects more expensive, achieving optimal results in a short period of time.

What exactly does the design phase include?

The design connections are detailed below (if included in the budget):

• Responsive web design in Photoshop optimized for web development (number of pages to be determined in the budget)

• Creation of icons or necessary elements (social network icons, favicon, graphic elements, photos of image bank …)

• Clean and functional design, taking into account current graphic elements (parallax, overlays, dividers etc.)

• Custom 404 error page design (important for SEO)

• Menu design for desktop and mobile formats.

What happens if the customer provides the design?

In the event that the design is provided by the client, the dimensions of the file must be for the web in a width of 1366px. with the final texts and final images. The design must be done in Photoshop or web Prototype programs such as Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch (If payment licenses are required to access the prototypes, it must be provided by the client).

The design of all pages must be provided, even if a special mobile design is desired, it must also be delivered. Any design not considered in the files as hover effects etc. They will not be programmed unless we are indicated in the general requirements of the web and the desired effects are specified.

More detailed a design is, better the further development will be. The fonts and materials must be provided by the client.

In the case of legal pages or error 404 pages, the general style of the web will be followed, and it is not necessary to submit a design for it, unless you want a specific design, which must be provided by the client.


How long will the project take?

The project completion time given is counted in business days, starting at the moment that all the materials have been provided by the client for the creation of the project as long as the response times to queries, sketches, final artwork confirmations, etc. by the clients, comply with the time committed and do not exceed 48 hours.

Can we make changes in the development phase?

We include in each project for free, a round of changes once the design/programming of 3 hours is approved. Any change that exceeds the estimated deadline must be budgeted separately and will prolong delivery times.

To carry out new changes, it will be necessary to pay the remaining amount of the project, considering it as a new phase of it.

What are the project phases?

General summary of the project timing:

1. Approval of the budget and signature of the LOPD (included at the end of this document)

2. Initial payment of 50% and invoice delivery

3. Collection phase of materials and access

4. Content structuring phases

5. Design phase

6. Development phase

7. Feedback and adjustment phase

8. Project approval

9. Final payment of 50%

10. Migration to the domain and final hosting

11. Latest optimization and web security settings

12. Delivery of the project report

13. 15 days technical support 

What are the cancellation reasons?

In the event that in any of the phases the project is interrupted by the client due to lack of delivery of materials, feedback, etc. exceeding the estimated time in the project + 2 weeks, the remaining invoice will be sent to you for the payment of the entire project, being resumed by us.

However, the client will be given a period of 6 months to provide the documents or data necessary for its completion, the migration to its server and the incorporation of the remaining data (such as POS data, etc.) being covered.

All projects delayed for this reason will be incorporated into our work queue and we will indicate the new times for its completion.

The non-payment of the total project (although the completion of it has had to be interrupted by the client), will mean the total cancellation of the work done without being able to claim the amounts previously paid.

What technical actions does web development include?

The general technical connections (if included in the budget) are detailed below:

• Installation + WordPress Configuration

• Programming of the theme and section according to the approved design.

• Web layout for the agreed pages in the budget

• WordPress + DIVI based template programming

• Programming in HTML5, CSS3 and JS with 100% optimized code.

• 100% Responsive Programming (Desktop, Tablet and mobile compatibility).

• Multi-browser compatibility, excluding obsolete browsers (internet explorer, Netscape, etc)

• Visual editing tool for auto editable system (DIVI)

• If required, installation of contact form, both contact by email and saved in database, adjusting it to the new RGPD regulations.

• If required, configuration of Google Analytics and Google – Webmaster Tools with sitemap included. (Conditioned that the client provides the tracking codes)

• Installation and configuration of SEO plugins: Ability to edit meta descriptions, meta keys, and everything related to SEO on each page with indications of SEO level through a traffic light system on each page for text or blog editors who do not have knowledge of SEO by part of the client.

• Connection and optimization with social networks focused on SEO: Open Graph

• Friendly URLs throughout the site.+

• Antihacking security installation (see specific security point)

• Installation of Cookies Policy, legal notices, and adaptation to the new RGPD (the texts must be provided by the client, except for the cookies used that we provide)

• General optimization through cache and minification of the entire website: HTML, JS, CSS, etc.

• Basic optimization of all the images of the site to the delivery of the project (photos, logos, etc.)

• Premium antispam for 1 year

My website is an Online Store. What does it include in this case?

The actions taken in the case of e-commerce websites (if included in the budget), are detailed below:

• Woocommerce installation and configuration

• Configuration of payment gateways and transport agencies according to areas in Spain (for other shipping areas, it must be indicated before the budget since they would not be considered by default)

• Custom Design / Layout of Home page, Category and Product

• Configuration and style assignment according to the branding of the web to the pages: Checkout, My account and Cart based on the default Woocommerce design. For custom designs and / or inclusion of other features on these pages, it must be indicated in the budget.

• Includes 2 big uploads (1 at the beginning and 1 at the end) of products using the excel file provided by us. For other uploads or modifications, it must be indicated in the budget.

• For extra features such as zoom in photographs, shipping rates based on product weight, newsletters, subscriptions, etc. It must be indicated in the budget.

• For any other type of personalization or feature, it must be indicated before the budget.


What are the security actions?

• Installation and configuration of the SSL certificate if present (Depends on the hosting).

• Configuration and redirection of traffic to SSL throughout the web for greater security on the web.

• Elimination of “mix content’’ throughout the site: green check mark of “Safe Page” in all browsers.

• Limitation of the number of failed login attempts.

• Away Mode: Programming to deactivate access to the administration panel at night time for greater security.

• Elimination of user “admin”.

• Change the database prefixes.

• Filtering of requests to the database.

• Deactivation of theme editor and plugins.

• Change the URL to access the default WordPress panel

• Scheduled file review for maliciously edited files (depends on the hosting server)

What licenses are included?

For the correct programming and configuration of the website, we include a series of plugin licenses and modules within WordPress for annual renewal or lifetime licenses that allow the customer to have them, saving a significant cost with leading and featured plugins. The licenses included are detailed below:

• DIVI Visual Designer (Lifetime License) – Cost: € 249

• WP-Rocket for the optimization of the speed and cache of the web (1-year incl.) – Annual cost € 49

• Premium Antispam system for forms etc. (1-year incl.) – Annual cost € 10

• Image optimization (included for all images at the end of the project) – Cost € 20

Total cost in-licenses, saved by the client: € 328

The non-installation of the previous modules (in the event that the client does not want to include it) will not suppose a discount in the cost of the project. The data above is merely informative to show the real value of the licenses included in a general project (the licenses of other modules that may be necessary during the development of a specific project are not specified).

The renewal of the annual licenses must be carried out by the client (once the year has concluded) with the company that supplies it unless they contract any of our maintenance services (annual or monthly) in which we will include the renewal of these licenses at no additional cost for the proper functioning of the website in future updates.

What guarantees do you provide?

At the end of the project, a complete report will be delivered with all the accesses and all the necessary technical documentation, along with tutorials if necessary.

From the final payment and/or the upload to the final server, all projects have 15 calendar days of technical support included (unless otherwise indicated in the budget), where the programming corrections will be made coming from failures in the code.

This after-sales technical support is conditional on EMC32 being the sole administrator of it. In case of detecting third party access, it would be automatically canceled.

What other services can I request?

Other services that are NOT INCLUDED may be requested separately, unless specified in the budget:

• Writing texts and web content by experts (Spanish or English) 

• Multilanguage Web

• Development of brand image, branding, logos, etc.

• Photo shoots or photo retouching

• Presentation videos or video editing

• Advanced SEO & SEM

• Annual or monthly maintenance after the warranty period (see maintenance packs)

• Hosting and Domain

• Inclusion of content (demo content necessary for development and design will be included)

All third-party services such as SMS or similar shipments are not included and must be contracted by the client to the service company.

Once the website is done. Now what? Do you provide maintenance?

Once your website is finished, you can request our maintenance service. For this we have several packs that will be adjusted according to your particular needs.

See maintenance packs

Can I request extra services on my website later?

If you hire a maintenance pack, you will have the option of taking hourly packages for sporadic and small jobs that will help you with your website.

See hour packs

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